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  1. Hello everyone!

    A quick heads up before I advertise elsewhere: I’m selling my WPS firing system!

    There’s enough here to put out a pretty decent show (or two!)
    Mainly used to demonstrate stage pyro, only the 24 cue field boxes have been used outdoors – and only once in the dry! All in excellent condition! Some items unused!

    System comprises:

    2 x WPS Mote in orange case
    4 x WPS ‘Hobby’ 24 cue field boxes (12v SLA fitted)
    2 x WPS ‘Pro’ 144 cue field boxes (24v SLA fitted)
    24 x WPS Slats
    4 x 30m RJ45 cables on reel
    18 x 20m RJ45 cables on reel
    8 x 10m RJ45 cables on reel
    Various assorted RJ45 cables
    2 x flight case for cables
    2 x 12v chargers
    2 x 24v chargers
    Various leads/spares/rj45 connectors/bulbs for testing etc. in orange case.

    DM me if interested – sensible offers please :) Prefer not to split so priority to anyone who wants the lot! Collect from Bristol, or happy to deliver (for travel expenses) up to 100 miles! (ish)

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  2. A few more pics... IMG_20211013_152316375.jpg IMG_20211013_152324543.jpg IMG_20211013_152332116.jpg IMG_20211013_152341938.jpg IMG_20211013_152409607.jpg IMG_20211013_152416440.jpg IMG_20211013_152431460.jpg IMG_20211013_152441073.jpg
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    I'm here!!! Sent you a pm about this @Pyrofart
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