WPS Pro or Cobra?

Discussion in 'Firing Systems And Fusing Fireworks' started by Daveandkate, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. Daveandkate

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    What's everyone's view wps pro or cobra
  2. Adam Blastock

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    I'm just about to buy the WPS PRO bundle, From reviews and other people, I have spoken to about it is that the WPS PRO is very easy to use and reliable. I did look at Cobra but I don't think they are that easy to buy in the UK as they are made in the USA I could be wrong tho.

    What do you think of firestorm system?

  3. gareth71

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    Cobra is made in the USA, but is very easy to buy in the UK! "Sonic Fireworks" on this very forum is their UK distributor. They also have a very large user base in the UK, too, so peer support will probably be much better than with other systems. And there are some very exciting new Cobra products which have either just been, or soon will be, released onto the market.
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  4. B19_TLG

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    I’ve just bought into cobra. I love the look of the system and I love the variety of users around the world. Any problems almost certainly will have been overcome by now. It’s a good bit of kit and the deals they run regularly make it worth buying from the US at times. I like the ability to expand and include audio capabilities etc but most decent systems have that these days so not a unique selling point by any means. I do love the look and feel of my system though. Itching to put it through its paces.

    I’ve never used or considered WPS. Not because I have any reason to dislike them. But because I hadn’t read up on WPS at the time. Sadly therefore i cannot comment on the comparatives but WPS will I’m sure be perfectly suited as long as it meets your needs and you’re happy to invest time in learning. Being on here and being British is a big benefit and the kit looks very well made.

    The key thing for you to do as a buyer is talk to users of any shortlisted systems. Look at prices. Features. Your requirements maybe in list format. So what you MUST have and your WOULD BE NICE lists. See which wins on those points. If all else fails work our cost per cue and go from there and be reassured that whichever you choose, someone on here will be able to assist.
  5. Sean Smythe

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    I have owned both and I am currently using WPS pro. Cobra I simply couldn't get along with the scripting software only issue I had and that was me not the software. WPS pro I have had 1 failure using a mod I bought second hand and it was a catastrophic failure. In saying that I have 6 mods I have bought direct from WPS and they have all been exceptionally reliable. Price per cue system cannot be beaten and I find Pyro Ignition Control easy to use. But both systems are good.
  6. Sean Smythe

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    As an edit to above if I were starting from scratch and having spent to date what I have I would have gone down the Fire By Wire route but initial cost would have been an issue as an amateur which is how I first started purchasing my kit.
  7. Dodgey

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    They are very different systems.

    WPS is exceptionally cheap per cue, but the price for that is you still need cables as your cues per box is highly concentrated to keep the cost low (122 cues in one small mod). The remote is basic but works.

    Cobra is a high cost per cue in comparison but you end up with a much lower cue per box count, need no cables, and get a much more sophisticated controller, particularly if you add control panel.
  8. Dodgey

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    As an example (I've not checked the latest prices).

    Last time I looked around £1k gets you a full one-box WPS 144 cue system .

    With Cobra, their biggest mod, 72 cues, comes in around £800 plus vat, so around £1k. Double the price. And that's without a controller, charger, control panel software. Those however become less relevant as you expand. Most people with cobra mostly buy 18cue mods. Around £350 plus vat.
  9. Ozzieuk

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    We have just invested quite a bit in cobra and the support is great. Crew seem to like it and the audio boxes work great.
    The network is very reliable.
    The cobra community in the uk is growing.
    What’s nice is they seem to be very keen to go forward. New kit in the pipeline and I’m sure it’s only going to get better.
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  10. Dodgy make the point that with WPS Pro you still need cables (to connect between the mod & the slats).......No problem with that but if a totally wireless system is required then WPS 'Hobby' (daft name!) is a good solution & offers 24 cues in each field module. Just add more modules as you expand!
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  11. B19_TLG

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    What I like about this thread is that there is no real willy waving and purely subjective comments from users of both. It probably doesn't give you an answer one way or another necessarily. Sometimes we rely on bad experience to discount a brand. In this instance you're lucky to have shortlisted two very capable systems that will do what you want one way or another. It really will come down to the methods you want to use to setup and expand and cost per cue. Which for any brand is a good problem for their prospective users to have. I think its worth recognising both companies have created systems used by people in anger with some very good results. Two massive thumbs up for Cobra and WPS for making this kind of system available to those more serious hobbyists as well as professionals.
  12. I have cobra and WPS TINY.
    if youre on a budget and want to keep the costs down, I don't think you will beat the wps pro cost for cue, and by all accounts its a great system.

    if you're less concerned about money then maybe cobra, but either way I think you will be satisfied

    the thing that niggles me about cobra is that updating the firmware can be a pain using the snap stick, although I do believe they are bringing out a software wizard to make it easier (when is another matter, their timing on these things leaves something to be desired, the 6m is beginning to look like rocking horse pooh)
  13. hofnerite

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    The alternative is that they rush out a new system or bit of software and then realise there are issues with it. One thing I love about cobra is that everything they produce is tested in house and then beta tested by actual users so that the end product is *almost* perfect.

    The firmware upgrade software is in beta currently so should be here by mid 2019 I'd guess.
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  14. gareth71

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    I guess the right answer to "which one should I buy?" is "whichever one suits you best"! I sometimes get asked, in my 'day job', to recommend a lighting control system for a particular application. I can always suggest a few different possible options, but I always say that the best way forward is to get a bit of hands-on time with any system that a prospective purchaser might be considering and see which one works for them.

    A great example, I suppose, would be my views on a fairly well-known professional firing system - many companies swear by it, and wouldn't use anything else, but I don't like it! That's not to say that it isn't a good system - it clearly is, as evidenced by the number of users who've invested in it - just that I personally don't get on with it at all.
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    The firmware upgrade software is in beta currently so should be here by mid 2019 I'd guess.[/QUOTE]

    mid 2019 :eek:o_O...............see what i mean

    too many convention attendances in my view, getting in the way of product development, just my 2 pence