WPS Pro's and WPS Motes for Sale

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  1. I have for sale 5xWPS pro modules 3 Lipo models 2x lead acid battery models along with 2 xWPS mote.
    Will come with slats and cables for each module.
    Bundle price for 720 cues including all leads chargers and slats is £2500.
    This is over £4500 worth of kit grab a bargain whilst you can.
    Reason for sale is upgrade to Fire By Wire system.
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  2. Am willing to split in the following ways :-
    WPS Mote plus WPS Pro 12 cables and slats £750 each
    WPS Pro with 12 cables and Slats £500 each
    All cables except 2 are 20m with odd 2 being 50m .
  3. 2xpros and 2 x mote bundles are now sold.
    I have 2x lead acid battery pros and 1 x lipo pro remaining.
    Slats are not the best condition but if you want to make an offer on any of these I can do a deal.
    Need these gone as soon as due to firing system upgrade.
  4. ok guys still have the 2x lead acid battery and 1xlipo battery pro units for sale will come with loads of leads and as many slats as i can find first offer of £250 will be accepted for all 3. i need these gone asap.
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    PM Sent
  6. Are the systems still available?
  7. Andy Pittam

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    Not sure they are Craig,I messaged Sean about a week ago and not had a reply
  8. Apologies guys been absolutely swamped at work had 2 weeks of 15 hour days at 7 days a week, these are sold subject to making arrangements for collection/delivery. if any thing changes this week I will update.