1. Adam Blastock

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    Good evening all,

    As lockdown continues I am trying to do all the little jobs that don't get done. I need some advice I got a WPS Pro system and 2 Tiny back in June this year. I currently have 12 slats. I want to look after my equipment as best as I can. Can anyone recommend any cases that would keep the slats covered during a show and keep them in good conditions in storage? Same with the Tiny and the remote.

    Kind Regards
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  2. K9Girl

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    I used to put my Tinys on a bracket of wood, to keep it off the ground then just used a plastic bag over it, works perfectly.
    With the slats I would put a stake in the ground, cable tie the slat to it, and when connected with the wires bag it to keep it dry.

    I use loads of ’Really Useful’ boxes to store pretty much everything, they come in so many sizes!

    In daylight tomorrow ill take a pic of my wood bracket thing I used for the Tinys, they news to benuses in the correct orientation to work properly with the aerials :)
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  3. K9Girl

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    I use a B & W type 500 case for the Mote :)

    6BBF7039-E2FD-475E-BBC8-912298A1B754.jpeg A6817311-A54B-491C-94E1-AA117B267DE0.jpeg
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    Interesting thread. I’ve been thinking about this. I used a tiny on the 4th Nov set up abt 3pm and the dew came down quite heavy and was almost running off the tiny and the slat as I hadn’t covered anything.

    I was thinking of some plastic boxes maybe Chinese takeaway type things for the slats and then foiling them up if there in the middle of the action. Or I can get a steel troughing from work I could just place over the slat but not sure if that would still let the damp in.
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    Yeah I was wondering exactly the same for slat protection, they seem pretty rugged but obviously nice to keep them smart. Il come up with something between now and NYE :)
  6. K9Girl

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    This is what I did for my Minis, when connected up just cable tie a plastic bag over the lot.
    Keeps them dry, in the correct orientation for best working and up off of the ground. :)

    87950937-CF6A-4DB1-9323-24AB7364454E.jpeg 782B7E42-1798-480D-99F9-A9CD7F1E5CF2.jpeg
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    looks a bit hangman to me! :) I paid no heed to the mini orientation and I suspect fell foul of it recently! was good to find to out about the planes of the radio frequencies.
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    Action Man and Barbie should be worried o_O
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  10. Well made plastic containers will be a good shout. Food containers etc, file a little grove in the side or edge to that the lid won’t come off when multiple igniters are being used.

    If you do have a little more budget then waterproof-cases.co.uk is good - hunt on eBay if you are happy about second hand cases.

    I use MAX cases or for some kit I’ve been lucky to get hold of Peli cases at a very reasonable price.

    Hope this helps.