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  1. Anyone a fan? Wrestling has cropped up a few times in threads so why not start a topic :) I mean Pro-Wrestling, WWE AEW Big Daddy etc- not amateur or MMA
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    Phew! When I saw the thread title I wondered if this was a suggestion on new ways to settle forum disputes :)
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  3. I was a fan of the old wwf from when it was first shown on itv one saturday afternoon replacing the usual show and i still remember the bouts . Bulldogs vs the harts , kamala vs salvatore bellomo and hogan vs savage in a lumberjack match . I think it was good till about end of 92 then i preffered the wcw until wwf sorted its cartoon characters out about 96 or 97 . Then i watched both for a good few years but not now its absolutely awful way too fake even a 5 year old knows its fake these days
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    I used to watch all the classic British wrestlers on World of Sport on a Saturday afternoon in the late 70s/early 80s. In the early 80s I used to have access to free tickets in the Royal Albert Hall and went along on a Wednesday night a few times to see the wrestling. Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks, Mick McManus, Catweazle, Alan Kilby and the rest. Those were the days :rolleyes:.
  5. yeah, wwe is in the worst shape it's ever been in. it feels too much like a polished "show," for wrestling to work you need to believe that the characters are actually trying to win!

    I was a bit young for British wrestling (the old school) but here many great things about it! My dad still talks about it as if it was real; which is how it was presented.
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    I used to watch the wrestling on World of Sport in the 60's! Then into the early 70's. I took up Judo with a touch of Sumo Wrestling for a while - until significant injuries prompted me to stop. When Channel 4 broadcast Sumo wrestling from Japan I bought a VCR to record it since it was screened during the night. But I'm not a fan of WWE and don't watch it at all. I'm still fascinated by Sumo wrestling and would watch it if it was broadcast on terrestrial Freeview TV. I don't have satellite or cable TV.
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  7. British Wrestling was an institution, that is for sure!
  8. Sumo may well be in the Tokyo Olympics, espcially as it's a home sport. Do many other countries partake though?
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    Sumo was recognised by the IOC back in 2018...... but it'll be some time before it might actually get to feature in an Olympic Games - if ever. It was rejected for 2020, even though Tokyo's the host.
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    Not since the attitude era has it been worth watching in my view, there was something about all the blood that made it feel more real as a viewer, now its often amaeturish in its choreography, and the editing team at the live on air shows often cut cameras too late and you blatantly see no contact made.
    Vince has steered the wwe beyond all scope of what it once was! And there lies the problem for a lot of fans,
    Chris jericho and his all elite wrestling has a much more attitude era vibe to it and is a bit more entertaining, but you can tell that hes just feeding his ego that makes people switch off.
    I do like what wwe have done with the "thunderdome" some of the bloopers tho!
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  11. glad someone has mentioned AEW! I think it's going in the right direction, although honestly I'm not a fan of Jericho there either. MJF is wonderful though, Jon Moxley as "top dog" is great, and their presentation is good.

    Did you say that Matt Hardy injury? That was awful though, they should have stopped that. Jim Ross made national news with a comment about Anna Jay from that same event. Decisive.
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    Yeah that hardy injury was atrocious, no way should he of been allowed to continue. But its only what vince would have done, especially in the raw is war era, cant say i watch it much at all anymore, the occasional match on YouTube etc, but not watched anything live for a few years, aew does intrigue me tho, and im often reading articles etc,
  13. Same, I sort of "follow" the scene, but havn't got the patience to watch a full show any more!
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  14. Well it looks like I have Covid. Time to binge watch all the Wrestlemanias!
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    Just watch X-7. Forget the rest ;)
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    Dunno you kno, wrestlmania 21 is my favourite, that moment where shaun michaels puts vince mcmahon through a table from a 40ft ladder whilst having an aluminium bin over his head was fantastic!
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    Hmmm, X7 was the end of the era I was in to as a teenager, not really got into any since apart from 30 which was great. I'm just a sucker for the sheer spectacle of it, the pyro the OTT soap opera, the ridiculousness of it all. It's just TV like nothing else on the planet. Pure escapism from reality! My son is into AEW so of course I've been checking that out recently. Certainly harks back to what made it great 25-30 years ago.
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    I used to watch WWF when I was a kid.
    I remember being terrified of papa shango when he put that curse on the ultimate warrior.
    Legion of doom were my favourites!!
    Happy memories of practicing the doomsday device at school :eek:
  19. Attitude era, Legion of Doom etc, we just don't see that level of quality any more in WWE. I mean the mathces are good but feel scripted, it never used to feel that way. Even watching him now you can tell that Bret Hart took the whole thing 100% seriously.