WTF it's not a Compound

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  1. Title says it all we all knew this but was wondering how you guys are fusing this up any tips. Thanks in advance.
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  2. This is the selection in the wtf pack.
    So, for me its easy enough to setup with reserve fuse of 1 cake and the main fuse of the other
    Doing it this way result in a slight pause but hopefully nothing too major ..
    Any advise from the more experienced pyro lovers?

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  3. Rob perry

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    Saw somewhere once it's best to tape them together. I'd say tape as much exposed fuse together as possible to give the best chance of catching. I like it when it's not linked as it gives more choice as you might want to do all six together spaced out or three then three.
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  4. WR3_Pyro

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    You could e match all 8 cakes and e match the reserve fuses so 16 in total and then fire them all at once and call it the OMFGWTF
  5. Great title and if you do want to "compound" them I suggest using tape match to connect them and get as close to the bottoms of the cakes as you can for the best chance of a continuous effect!
    After seeing one fired I think all of the cakes would hold there own if you wanted to fire them one at a time, just remember if you've kept them in the box make sure the previous one has finished as they all fire in volleys of 8.

    If you are lighting as a compound please check that the cakes are in the right order ie VIV2064-1 is the first one and VIV2064-2 is the second and so on...
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  6. I fired the WTF barrage pack last night and it was incredible to say the least! I chose to fuse the eight cakes into a single compound and having had a good look at them before hand I could see a few potential ways in which it could be fired as a single unit. The easiest method is to simply cross the main and reserve fuses at the top of each cake and tape the visco together to ensure good contact. I decided not to do this as we all know that standard visco burns fairly slowly and therefore this would likely cause some delay between cakes. In order to reduce delay I personally exposed the fuse down to the entry point of each cakes first tube and here you will notice that the fuse is different in colour. I joined this fuse as far down as possible and as a result there was minimal delay. Using ematch you could ensure a completely seemless firing experience or even overlap firing if you liked although I am sure that most will find its frantic pace is already very exhilerating!

    I will also say that it is worth noting which order your cakes have been packaged in. As the contents have been packed as a barrage box they may or may not have been placed in numerical order. The fireworks are labelled so that you can place them into ascending order very easily.
  7. any vids guys :) and have you got a pic of the way you fused it @Duskyfuse i was looking to fire this as a compound and wanted it to fire like the video
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  8. Thanks for all the replies. Sadly I've never fused one before so for a beginner what would be the easiest way and what is required to do it. Thanks guys.
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  9. Plenty of videos on You Tube of how to do it.
  10. Guessing this is pretty much it. Although I wouldn't be comfortable poking the tubes like this guy

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  11. Jon

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    I assume you want to link a reserve fuse to a main fuse of the next?

    If you follow both fuses down the side of the firework you will find where they slot into the bottom of the tubes. If they are long enough (they should be) you could pull the main fuse out of the second and just push the free end of the reserve fuse of the first into the hole the main fuse of the second came out of.

    Or if you don't want to do this level of mod to a firework (perfectly understandable) you could cut a diagonal cut at the top of both fuses, then tape them together. Make sure you overlap them for a good amount, so the main fuse of one runs physically next to the reserve fuse of the other.

    If you look at the firing system forum there is a fusing section which covers how to fuse a fuse to fuse.

    Let us know if you need any more help.
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  12. Jon

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  13. So if you tape the reserve fuse of cake A to Main fuse of cake B? Is that right?
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  14. Pyrodave1.4

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    He broke one of the golden rules when poking into tubes, never do it indoors, all it takes is for one tiny spark and your in trouble
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  15. Dayle Ward

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    Cable tie the reserve of the cake to the main of the next.. if needed buy some additional visco, as long as the visco is overlapping each other it should fire!
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  16. But in order to reduce delay does the main fuse of Cake B go directly into tube of Cake A. Or instead of making a hole just like the video is it OK to cable ties then tape it to the fuse just coming out of the tube? This way I'll feel safe not having to poke holes anywhere. Thanks guys first time doing it appreciate all the help.
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  17. No holes need to be made anywhere! When recieving WTF you can tear the outer paper label on each cake to expose the fuses which run down to the bottom of both the first and last tube. Take the reserve fuse from cake 1 and tape the fuse to the main fuse of cake 2. The nearer to the entry point of each tube you can do this the more you will reduce delay. Repeat this process for all cakes. Needless to say cake 1 will then have the only non-joined main fuse which is what you will light and cake 8 will need no modification to the reserve fuse as it is the final barrage. If in any doubt I would recommend simply joining the fuses on top of the cakes although be mindful that this will give a delay between each barrage.
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  18. Perfect mate got it. Whats the delay like on this setup? You got a video of yours?
  19. The delay is not noticable using this method.

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  20. Thats perfect what tape did you use and this method dont require any visco so even better.