Xbox Series X

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  1. Are you not keeping the two ??
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    I was out to just get one it was only the sequence of events that made me end up with 2 as I couldn’t cancel the eBay purchase as he would of got my account marked for non payment. I have considered putting it under the bed for 10 years like some people do but also understand how much some people want a console in time for Christmas etc
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    For Sale:

    Giving pyro friends first dibs before it goes on eBay!

    Second un-needed Xbox, factory sealed limited edition halo infinite 20 year celebration, no more U.K. stock coming, ever. Bought from an eBay reseller so asking for what I paid for it.

    Will probably be selling for a grand come Christmas Eve so I’m no rush.


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  5. My work mate just brought one on Oxford Street london. Think there are supplies about
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    Great that's only 250 miles away lol.