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  1. I just looked at my email and found yet another petition calling for the total ban on firework sales in Britain, not the usual suspect but some bloke and it already has over 33,000 signatures and the usual animal related problems with a picture of a distressed dog, how many more of these are going to appear because before long something will be done to stop our enjoyment of fireworks, when there used to be just one or two it now seems there is a new one every few weeks so we must again be on our guard to stop these interfering people before the Government do act!, i just deleted it as i always do with these things!
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    The more the better in some aspects, it dilutes their cause. The FAB petition is well on track to fall short of last years signatures which will make it difficult to prove the point of ‘increasing calls for a ban’ when it comes to debate! :)
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    This is a very naive way to look at it. If these petitions continue the government will eventually compromise and make changes. Politicians are elected by folk like us and them - and the anti-brigade are incredibly loud.

    To think the government will continue to turn a blind eye indefinitely is at best wishful thinking.
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    Which is why I said ‘some aspects’, as in, there is one leading petition that is in the eyes of government, less people that sign that one the better. The other petitions will be discounted anyway as they are duplications of the same cause.

    I take hope in the fact that we are apparently being led by ‘facts, figures and science’ right now and the same approach would be adopted to fireworks. There is no evidence, facts or science that purports to further restrictions being in anyway beneficial to the general population.

    The people that are still on social media hearing fireworks going off every night since NYE are utterly deluded and probably not sound of mind, hoping that out and out lies will further their evidence base!
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  5. They never will give up. Just as our industry will never give up defending our right to have fireworks. There Is no middle ground with these people only one way a total ban.
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    The middle ground would be the petitions committee growing some balls and policing their own rules, such as not allowing similar petitions and repeated petitions, as well as changing their signature rules to be more accurate in a modern world. No petition is accurate to the actual amount it was signed, you can inflate it very easily.

    Equally our industry should not have to keep defending itself when it is working within the law. The government should be offering support to a legal and tax paying industry, not continually holding it to ransom with petition enquiries.

    This flagrant abuse of the petitions system undermines the whole process and makes it worthless.
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    Not got the energy to go on a massive rant as I was rushed to hospital with suspected meningitis but I’ll keep this short and sweet, our industry makes thousands each year and is a massive industry in Britain, it always has been, it also keeps thousands of us in jobs, it’s an industry that has been recognised by the government that works and works well, we do absolutely everything that is asked of us and more by those who make the rules, we haven’t given anyone any reason to want to get rid of our industry
  8. One of the main reasons that nothing will change is the Thousands of pounds in tax that are generated from the import and sale of fireworks.... that plus most in government don't see it as an issue. I do think change is needed to help regulate the safe use of fireworks for example in a typical year near me you would see kids ridding bikes firing roman candles at each other or throwing fireworks around. (fortunately not the case this year but has happened a few times.)

    The reality is even tighter restrictions probably wouldn't stop this. (proactive policing might) Its finding an equal balance that isnt way OTT restrictive but also allows people to enjoy fireworks that is the challenge.

    @Pyrodave1.4 get well soon mate.
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    Definitely 100% without question people are needing educating on safety when dealing with fireworks so couldn’t agree more bud, I’ve always said there’s more to fireworks safety than just reading the label, a lot of people don’t understand stuff like with cakes they need staked and taped, they don’t understand how dangerous things like Roman candles can be if used in ways like you explained, but at the same time we where all educated on how dangerous drugs are but doesn’t stop people from using them.

    Thanks buddy, much appreciated.
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    It has been brought to the attention of the BFA that numerous anti-firework supporters have now taken to writing to the CEO's of large multiple retailers asking them to stop selling fireworks. Below is the response the BFA have sent to one such supporter. Should you encounter any correspondence from anti-firework supporters, you may wish to use the wording below: -

    "Concerns regarding fireworks use have recently been examined in great detail by both Westminster and Scottish Governments and both have concluded that tighter controls on UK approved Fireworks would lead to unintended consequences, making the situation far worse. Indeed, Assistant Chief Constable (ACC) Andy Prophet, the anti-social behaviour lead of the National Police Chiefs Council, stated in Westminster, “If a black market became available, it would be even more difficult to police than the situation we currently have, which would be a really unhelpful unintended consequence.”

    The industry is working hard with enforcement authorities to stop the growing issue of dangerous and illegal product being imported to the UK, something which would get worse with tighter controls, thus making any such changes ineffective.

    To help promote the safe and responsible use of fireworks, the industry has requested a joint education programme with Government to address a number of concerns, including noise. We await a response from Government regarding this."