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  1. I don’t know if this has been covered before but there are some great archive bonfire night films in the above archive, some of which you can watch online.
    Here’s a link to one I’ve just watched, had to pause it to look at some intriguing fireworks including a “Cuban Carnival” which I’ve never heard of. Maybe Brittania or Excelsior looking at the design. Just put “fireworks” in the search and a few films are available to watch!
  2. 6F4309CA-4BDB-4995-B1F2-15345B7C3E7F.jpeg Just noticed the Scottish Salute among them in the film, they appear to be a selection of Wallop fireworks!
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    H&S would have a fit if they saw this that happen today lol 1948 I think my Dad was still making his own fireworks.
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    Not seen these before, great find Chris.......... the 1952 coloured film one is a great ref. item..... even have an elusive Rising Sun in there..........
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    Great find, very interesting, long before the H&S killjoys.

    Thanks for sharing, great video.
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  8. The good old days when you could light bangers and jumping jacks minus the whinging hassle of some bugger saying that their pet Cerberus has cowered under the couch and is scared to come out.
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    Thank you indeed Clarenicky, these films are fabulous!
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    I had to laugh at the kids lighting sparklers in the house with a large pile of fireworks on the table! What could go wrong? The large jumping jack looks like a Standard one and was often included in their larger selection packs. They used to go off like a machine gun with rapid firing. The "elusive" Rising Sun was used in roadside hording adverts when Scottish Heritable took over the running of Standard, but ironically they stopped making that item the same year.
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    There was a time when indoor fireworks were considered OK! But that was when ceilings were 12ft and rooms 20 x 20 and people wore PPE naturally because of the cold and draughts and coal fires.
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    Quite a lot of these films are not available online though doing a quick search brings up quit a quantity of listed archived footage, only a select few are available to watch. Any ideas why this is? Have they just not gotten around to uploading them? Does one need to visit the WYA to view these in person?
  13. I’m not sure, I noticed that also. I think it’s a case of those films not available but listed just haven’t been uploaded yet. I tried emailing them but got no response.
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    I would love to see the old Standard TV advert ...
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    Mmmm re Pets on BFN...I reckon that the answer is ...is to give the owners the sedatives
    and let the animals get on with it!!
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    I've a Vet daughter and a Vet son in law, both work in a Vet Hospital ..... not heard from them of dogs dying from shock because of fireworks,...... biggest killer of dogs is feeding them far too much food and not giving them enough excercise...........
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