Terms of Service and Rules

These are the UK Fireworks Forum terms which you must agree to if you wish to register and use an account here.

About the forum:

I would like to start by stressing that this is a privately owned and privately run community and has been since its creation in 1999. I therefore reserve the right to set out terms of use and expectations for members' behaviour. This is a moderated forum and I reserve absolute rights to edit or remove content and to restrict or close member accounts whenever I deem it necessary to enforce the community rules and terms.

This community is intended as a positive and pro-fireworks website which supports both consumer and professional firework activities in the UK where it is based. I do not sell fireworks and do not have paid staff - I am a fireworks hobbyist.

The following are welcome:

- Firework enthusiasts of all levels from complete beginner onwards.
- Members of the fireworks trade including professional firers and retailers (though see important terms below about not using this site for commercial purposes unless you pay to advertise here).
- Those needing guidance on any aspect of lawful firework use.

Registration, anonymity and privacy policy:

Registration is free and I do not require you to give your real name nor to prove your identity providing your use of my site is lawful, constructive and within these terms.

I do not collect or share any user data for marketing purposes nor operate any kind of e-newsletter.

Please note that the ability to post under a pseudonym (ie. anonymously) is granted as a privilege and not a right. I strongly oppose, and will defend against, anonymous use of this community for malicious purposes such as flaming or attacking other members, posting libellous content, acting unlawfully or any other activities which break these terms or could bring this community into disrepute or implicate it in a crime; in such cases I reserve the right to investigate further, to report the matter to the police or my solicitor, and to contact relevant third parties and share information in accordance with my privacy policy which explains this in more detail.

Usernames must not include words or phrases that are offensive, rude or anti-fireworks and members using company names or trademarks must have permission to do so. I do not allow the use of web addresses or email addresses as usernames as these could be considered as advertising a person or company.

User profile images (known as avatars) similarly must not be offensive, rude, anti-fireworks, unlawful or contain logos or trademarks unless you have permission to do this.

Sorry, I do not welcome:

- Anti-fireworks people. If you want to express your dislike of fireworks or to debate fireworks in general please do so elsewhere. I remove anti-fireworks accounts and content (including questions that appear to have been asked with an underlying anti-fireworks motive).
- Reporters or undercover reporters or people from law enforcement or similar, unless with my permission.
- Spammers.
- Chinese factories - with apologies to my Chinese friends but in over 20 years I have not had a single Chinese factory register here that has not gone on to post spam.
- Duplicate accounts. If you already have an account please do not create any more unless you have permission from me to do so.
- People previously banned, unless you have my permission to rejoin. I take this very seriously and warn previously banned members that rejoining my site in order to try and circumvent a ban or moderation could be taken as harassment.

Non-UK users:

If you are a non-UK user it is recommended you use the Contact Us option after registering (see link in footer, or, if not there, use the Contact Us option on UKFR.COM) to tell me who you are, in this way I can distinguish you from bots and spammers. Otherwise, as 99% of non-UK registrations are spammers, your registration is likely to be cancelled. Please note that the terms of this site may exclude discussion of activities that are legal in your country but illegal in the UK, such as the use of shells or professional fireworks by the public. You must at all times comply with my terms.

I reserve the right to refuse membership of my forum for any reason and at any time, and to close an account at a later date, without notice and without explanation.

General Community Rules:

I welcome debate and accept as a forum of diverse people that a wide range of sometimes opposing views will present themselves. However, please be constructive and friendly. I do not allow trolling, flames or attacks on other members, unnecessary insults, excessive profanity or conduct that is nasty or negative for the sake of it.

Please leave any personal issues with other members at the door when you enter this community. Under no circumstances do I allow the use of this site to attack or harass other members.

I caution all members that posts you make are publicly viewable and will be indexed by search engines. All members are responsible for what they post and for their actions here.

I do not allow "naming and shaming" posts as it is impossible for me to verify that the information being posted is true and in many cases these are done from an anonymous account! If you believe there is information about an individual or fireworks trade member you think is in the public interest to post here, which is backed up by verifiable sources (court records, Companies House records, news reports and so on) then you must contact me first to discuss; I rarely agree to such posts however due to the danger of libel and for other legal reasons.

I do not allow the posting of content regarding making your own fireworks where the intention is to build an actual device or gunpowder or other explosive material. I may however, at my discretion, make exceptions for educational questions or where the motive/poster is clearly lawful, such as a professional.

I allow discussion about fusing fireworks by consumers. This includes adding additional fuse to a firework, replacing the fuse with an electrical igniter, the use of firing systems and so on. This is done on the basis that fuse modifications are done at the site of intended use (in line with the legal guidance on the matter) and solely at the risk of those doing it. There are no black and white rules here and therefore any such discussions operate at my discretion: I reserve the right to edit, lock or remove discussions at any time.

I do not allow the use of this community to fundraise or promote charitable events unless you have my permission to do so. Sadly, this is necessary because I am unable to verify if those doing so are genuine.

Generally I do not allow discussions about politics because these usually end up in huge fights between members of opposing views or mindless soapboxing by those with strong political views; please respect this is a fireworks forum, not a platform to broadcast political views.

I do not allow the use of this site to promote other fireworks-themed forums or Facebook Groups (or similar), YouTube channels and so on without my permission and will remove new accounts and posts where this appears to be the only motive for joining. Please ask first.

I may remove or edit content posted about a small number of specific companies or retailers without warning. This is generally because that company has been banned for spamming here or I have some other dispute with them which I do not wish to make public.

I currently allow the posting of items for sale providing these are not live fireworks (see vintage items exception below), for example firing systems, tubes, racks and so on. I may set minimum criteria for users in accepting for sale adverts, such as minimum posts or length of membership, see the pinned posting guide in "General Discussion" for further info. Note that I nearly always remove for sale adverts posting by completely new members with no posting history. For sale adverts are posted, and you respond to such adverts, at your own risk. I stress that I do not check members' IDs and you could effectively be doing business with a complete stranger. If that sounds a bad idea, then it probably is and I take no responsibility for any third party transactions between members nor will I get involved in any dispute (unless required to by the Police).

Vintage items: I allow the posting of vintage items for sale providing these are intended for collectors and not to be let off, and conform with the rules and terms in the Nostalgia For Sale section. You need to be a "Supports UKFR" member to post vintage items for sale as per the rules in that section (ie. you have made a donation to my running costs within the last 12 months).

In posting in this forum you understand and accept that your posts become a permanent part of this site. I generally do not remove content on request, nor do I grant members the right to edit or delete their own post content beyond a courtesy edit period for the purposes of correcting spelling or other mistakes. Members are therefore advised to think before posting. There are some cases in which I may consider a post edit or removal. These are at my discretion and include for example if you have posted personally identifiable information in error.

Commercial use and information for retailers and those in the trade:

As a privately run community that relies on donations from members and advertising revenue from firework retailers to support our running costs, I strongly oppose commercial exploitation by companies who do not pay towards my running costs, as this is both unethical and unfair on those who do pay for these privileges.

Commercial use would be defined as (but not limited to): Posting links to your website or social media pages, drawing attention to your company or products, posting special offers or other promotional messages, excessive posting that falls within our rules but could be taken as drawing attention to yourself, posting video or images relating to your business and all of these activities whether by public posts, profile posts or private message. Also, using a logo (avatar) that contains a phone number, web address, email, sales material or a "call to action"; incentivising members to review or endorse your products here, or conducting market research.

Trade members and retailers are welcome to join and register under their company name whether they advertise or not, but only those who advertise may post commercially. Those who do not advertise are of course welcome to take part in the community and to post, providing such use does not break these terms and is not commercial in nature.

If you would like to become an advertiser (known as a "Sponsor") so you can use this site commercially please register an account here and then reply to the private welcome message you received in the forum in order to initiate an enquiry into the matter.

Advertising and Sponsorship is subject to additional terms which will be confirmed at the time of booking.

Note: Sponsors who are moderated or banned in accordance with the community terms are NOT eligible for any refund, full or part, on advertising fees paid.

Private Messages:

The community software offers a feature to contact other members privately, known as a "private message" or "PM" (though the software here calls them "conversations").

The rules relating to posting also apply to content posted on profiles and messages sent through the private message system.

I do not allow the use of the private messaging system to send unsolicited messages to members nor to engage in commercial use unless you are a site advertiser (even then, the bulk sending of unsolicited sales material is strictly prohibited).

Please report any private message you receive which you think breaks these rules or is otherwise unwanted.

Donations and "Supports UKFR" members:

I encourage members to make a donation towards my running costs. This will tag your account with the "Supports UKFR" banner for the time specified. Note that all donations are non-refundable, even if your account is subsequently moderated or closed for breaking the site terms. A donation entitles you to nothing other than the right to post for sale adverts in the Nostalgia section and the Supports UKFR banner on your profile (as it is intended as goodwill donation to my costs and nothing else). Note also that it does not allow you to post commercially, you need to be a paying advertiser to do this (see above).

Account closure and account deletion:

You may request the closure of your account at any time. In this case I would render the account locked from being logged into again but your content and username remain on the site as do my records of your user registration and logs of your account use.

You may request the complete deletion of your account and account data at any time, but I may refuse this if I have reasonable grounds to do this or I believe it to be in the public interest to retain this information (for example in cases where I have moderated you, where you have broken my site terms, where you are the result of a complaint by another member for example in the case of libellous content, where I believe I might need that data to take legal action or to defend my legal position, where I believe the data might be needed by my solicitor, a court of law, the police and so on). Please note that accounts created under an alias may not fall under the scope of GDPR as by their very nature they are anonymous. If I agree to delete your account, I do not remove historic post content itself, but am happy to anonymise your posted content (removing your registered username from your historic posts)

In the event of a problem or you see a post that you feel breaks these rules:

Use the "report" option under the post or private message to bring it to the attention of a moderator. I do not guarantee to act proactively with moderation due to the number of posts made and therefore rely on my community to report content it feels is unacceptable.

Further information:

Various sub-forums on this site have further posts pinned to the top of the post list where additional posting rules apply. I also have a pinned post at the top of the General Discussion area that elaborates further on acceptable posting and conduct (though at all times these terms take precedence). You must also accept the Privacy Policy in order to use my site.

A final word:

This forum has been running for over 20 years. It is older than Facebook and YouTube and has outlived many firework companies. Some of my members have been active the whole time too! Remember, PLEASE, I run the site as a labour of love and in my spare time. It is intended to be a positive community and to support fireworks in the UK. Be nice, be constructive and be a part of something wonderful.