Terms of Service and Rules


Please take a few minutes to read these rules, which you must accept if you want to become an active member of our community.

The UKFR forum welcomes:

  • Firework enthusiasts whatever your level of experience from complete beginner to experienced pyromaniac.
  • Members of the fireworks trade. But see below about commercial use, which we don't allow for non-advertisers.
  • Any member of the public seeking help or advice about fireworks.

The following people or posts are not welcome here:

  • Commercial misuse. We do not allow spam in these forums. If you're a fireworks retailer, importer, manufacturer or display company you should not post commercially in any form (such as posting links, prices, adverts, references to own stock and services etc.). We do not allow unsolicited spamming of members through our messaging system. The use of sock puppet accounts to post fake reviews and testimonials is not allowed (and is unlawful). If you want to promote yourself here, enquire about becoming a paid advertiser. NO CHINESE FACTORIES please - we've not had a single one in over 15 years that isn't spamming!
  • People who don't like fireworks. This is a pro-fireworks website and forum. If you don't like fireworks and want to have a rant, do it somewhere else. No really, we delete content and accounts that are anti-fireworks.
  • Posts about taking apart fireworks, making your own fireworks or "making your own gunpowder" etc.
  • Posts about buying fireworks which are illegal in the UK from Poland or any other non-UK country which claim to ship to the UK. They're illegal and shipped illegally. You don't need to ask about them here and we will close new accounts posting about this.
  • Any activity or content illegal under UK law, whether related to fireworks or not.
  • Posts that in any way suggest the use of non-fireworks explosive devices or any such activities will be reported to the Police along with your IP address.
  • We do not allow the posting of for sale or wanted adverts relating to bangers, screech rockets or any other illegal firework in our Classifieds section unless they are vintage items and intended for collections and not setting off, but in any case, we do not allow adverts for live Chinese-made items.
  • Undercover reporters or any other individual attempting to source illegal fireworks or entice other members to break the law are strictly forbidden from using this forum. We have a robust policy against the use of illegal fireworks and will report such matters to the Police.
  • Abuse or flames of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Any other posting we consider to be unacceptable.
  • Duplicate accounts. We do not allow duplicate or secondary accounts unless you have permission to create these.

Profile pictures: We encourage the uploading of your own profile picture and company logos are permitted providing you have permission to use them, but images must not contain URLs, phone numbers or other advertisements.

Usernames: These must not include words or phrases that are considered offensive, rude or anti-fireworks. Members using company names MUST have rights and permission to do so. URLs (web addresses) and email addresses are not permitted as usernames on this forum since they could constitute indirect adverts or plugs. We reserve the right to change or delete usernames which we deem unacceptable.

Email addresses: A valid email address is required to complete your registration. Members are required to keep their registered email address up to date.

Signatures: In order to concentrate on good quality content, this forum is signature free. The manual adding of signatures to forum posts is forbidden.

We reserve the right to refuse membership to this forum. This can include individuals or companies who have previously broken our forum rules, required moderation, caused problems for other users, retailers who have posted spam, people who have infringed our copyright and so on. Our decision is final.

If you breach these rules, the site owner or appointed moderators may at their discretion do one or more of the following:

  • Remove, edit or close your posts.
  • Ban you from using this forum any further.
  • Refer the matter to the Police.
  • The decision of the site owner and any appointed moderators is final and we reserve the right to edit or delete any post, for any reason, with no notice, as we see fit.

Although the forum is moderated, we cannot always guarantee to notice an unacceptable posting. We would ask for members cooperation in notifying us of any posting that they feel is not acceptable.

We may refuse membership to people using disposable email addresses, VPNs or proxy servers. We're a tight-knit community and feel that if you're a genuine fireworks enthusiast you won't have any reason to obfuscate your identity.

In posting in this forum, you understand that your posts become a permanent part of the forum. We do not remove content on request, nor do we grant members the rights to edit, amend or delete their own posts beyond a courtesy edit period for the purposes of spell correction. Members are therefore advised to ensure they are happy before posting and to stress that at all times members will be accountable for content they post in this forum. We do not remove or delete accounts on request, in the event you no longer wish to use the forum simply log out.

Statement on cookies and their use:

Whilst it is unlikely that our limited use of cookies falls within the scope of the new laws which have come into place in the UK we would nonetheless like to disclose how and when these are used here:

  • When you register and log in, a cookie is used by the forum to ensure you remain logged in when moving from page to page and to facilitate other forum features.
  • We log, aggregate and view overall visitor stats - as per industry standard practice - and may use a third party service such as Google Analytics which may leave a cookie on your device.
  • Your acceptance of these terms and conditions and/or continued use of this website will be taken as consent from you that we can use cookies.

ENJOY the forum. Members can sometimes disagree or fall out, and debate can become heated. This is going to happen and we support and encourage debate and interaction between members. But be friendly about it. Flame wars and/or forum abuse, or commercial trade abuse, isn't nice for us, other members or the fireworks scene.

Have fun and post loads.

Pyro Pete, site owner and Editor.